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Metro Agency is open even when they are closed. Kelly McClone sent me my proof of insurance for a new car last Friday when the office was closed due to the weather.

I have trusted Patrick and Metro Agency with all of my and my families insurance needs from cars, motorcycles, boats and my homes for over 30 years. Never a problem, never a dispute just service when required. They have made insurance a basic "no-brainer" for me.

The best insurance agency I have ever done business with. They are always available not only for a quote, but also for offering good professional advice. Easy to get in touch with, without spending a lot of time dealing with an answering machine. Oh, did I mention that they offer very competitive rates too? Highly recommended

Metro Agency provides great service. I had a claim when my finished basement flooded and it was handled so quickly and easily. I have found online insurance around $25 cheaper (for 6 months), but it really isn't worth the discount when you actually need to handle a claim. Highly recommended.

"We've been doing our insurance business with these guys since we started our company 14 years ago. They've done a great job getting us the proper coverage and the best prices while thoroughly explaining everything along the way. They are truly great partners to have in business!"
Vantage Construction
"My expereince with the team at Metroagency has been spectactular. When I have questions about my policy or need immediate attention with important insurance needs they are always there for us. Their trusting business ethics provide us with a comforting feeling. Metroagency sets an example for others to follow"
Dave R
"Does business the good old way. Up front and personal. Nice to be able to talk to a person when you need to and not an answering machine. Always prompt and fast service"
NBR Services
"We just moved to the area and found Metro on line. It was a great decision, they saved me a substantial amount on my premium and made sure that I had the proper coverage on my home and my auto. Trustworthy and honest, can I say more"
Karen B
"If you haven't met these agents, you owe it to yourself to get a quote. This long time family owned business prides itself in providing top knotch, personal service. You owe it to yourself to call them and check it out. You won't be disappointed"
Carol B
"I love the fact that you actually get to talk to a person when you call on the phone, not just computer voice prompts"
Peggy T
"The people at Metro Agency reviewed my auto insurance, improved my coverage and saved me money. I'll be transferring my homeowners insurance when that renews for extra savings. Everyone was helpful and friendly"
George H
"Nice people, great companies, great rates, the best service."
Ralph M
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